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Jerry Brown for Governor


Save, California.

Riding a historic record of third-term accomplishments – from transforming a $27 billion deficit into a surplus to passing Prop 30 – the governor's reelection was classic Jerry Brown: minimalism and an emphasis on trademark frugality. The strategy was simple: engage his opponent early, then quickly pivot to the governor's ballot measure priorities – the Water Bond and Rainy Day Fund – which each emphasized Brown's core strength as a responsible steward.

SCN prepared Brown for his September debate – which observers across the state, including the San Francisco Chronicle, scored “a clear win for Brown.” The LA Times' George Skelton joined the chorus, calling Brown's opponent “overmatched” adding Brown “nailed it.”

The Brown for Governor 2014 media campaign, written and produced by SCN Strategies, was unique: instead of directly promoting Brown's own reelection, Brown's ads, which ran statewide, asked voters to support Props 1 & 2. The tagline and ad strategy drove the Jerry Brown brand while concisely linking the two measures in one package: “Save Water. Save Money. Save for the Future.”